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Video: Dave Clawson and Wake Forest players recreate Eli and OBJ Super Bowl commercial and iconic scene from Dirty Dancing

One of the many Super Bowl commercials that had people talking featured Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. recreating the iconic scene "Time of my Life" scene from Dirty Dancing.

It was a bit strange, yet watching Eli Manning try to dance like the late Patrick Swayze certainly has a comedic factor. Here's the Super Bowl commercial for those that need a refresher.

Well it turns out that video has sparked some fans at Wake Forest, as two Demon Deacs players decided to try their hand at recreating the Eli and OBJ commercial with a special cameo from Dave Clawson in the clip as well.

The real question is, who did it better? The original...or the imitator?

You be the judge.

What you think @OBJ_3?? I think ours is better than you and Eli's. 😂😂😂

— GREG DORTCH🎦 (@_GDortch) May 1, 2018