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Video: Dave Doeren busts out "the sprinkler" after first ACC win

With their 24-17 win over Syracuse on Saturday, Dave Doeren and the NC State Wolf Pack notched their first ACC win in two seasons...which is more than enough reason to celebrate in the locker room.

When it comes to post game celebratory dance moves, there are a few moves out there that any coach can pull off regardless of dance expertise. Of course there's the always-popular macarena, the arguably more popular hokey pokey, the shopping cart, and then, there's the sprinkler.

That just happens to be one of the moves that Doeren pulled out during the post game celebration in the locker room with his guys. I'm not sure if he has names for his other moves, but it looks like he bows out with a little Run DMC pose.

Good to see Doeren thoroughly enjoying the win with his team.

NC State faces Georgia Tech at home this Saturday at 12:30.