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Video: A day in the life of Kliff Kingsbury

The off season can be a crazy busy time for a lot of coaches, and this video detailing a day in the life of Kliff Kingsbury is a great illustration of that.

Kingsbury's day starts just after 3am with his commute into work and his first item on the docket was to get changed and get a workout in

"I've always been kind of a morning person. It gets me going and in the flow of things and also, you want your players to see that 'Hey, they're (the coaches) are willing to be here before us," when we're asking them to be in at 5:50 to work out and the coaching staff is up an hour before that for their work out."

By 5:30am Kingsbury is watching some Big 12 film from last season, followed by a trip to check in on the team's first summer workout at 6:15am. From there Kingsbury makes sure he checks in with a bunch of players as they fuel up with some food before their 8:30am staff meeting.

A few hours later at 10:15am he's on a plane to speak at an event in Midland, TX and then he's back in Lubbock for a 2:30pm team conditioning session. At 6pm, Kingsbury is off for his evening run around the practice field.

Take in Kingsbury's full day in the clip.