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Video: A day in the life of a North Dakota State assistant during fall camp

If you're a coach reading this, chances are pretty good that you have dreams or aspirations of moving up the ranks with a journey that culminates at the college level, whether that be NAIA, Division IIII, Division II, FCS, or FBS.

Yesterday, FCS powerhouse North Dakota State released a video profiling a day in the life of assistant coach Tyler Roehl, who played for the Bison himself and now coaches the tight ends and fullbacks.

His morning starts with a workout before watching film with a few of the guys in his position group, followed by a quick FaceTime with his family. 7:30am brings position meetings followed by time on the field and then lunch, film review, more position meetings, and a walk-thru session in the evening.

Finally, at 9:30pm, coach Roehl rolls into his driveway and heads in to whisper "I love you" to his sleeping kids.

This is a really good and in depth and personal look at the life of an assistant at one of the top FCS programs in the country.