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Video: Derrick Moore explains the family concept at Georgia Tech


Every football program in America claims to have a "family atmosphere," but no one has put that atmosphere into words as eloquently as Georgia Tech team chaplain Derrick Moore did at a recent morning workout.

Moore, the chaplain who turned internet sensation for his inspirational pre game messages like the one he delivered before the Miami game last season, once again takes the lead in the most recent video released by the Yellow Jackets, who finished last season with an impressive 11-3 record under Paul Johnson.

"We are a family, and at the end of the day, that's all you have," Moore tells the team at a 6am workout. "All you have are these guys that go to battle with you everyday. And it's going to be critical that we don't just say that we're family...but we've got to live like it."

"In other words, the family is going to need your talents, and your gifts. The family needs your contributions. The family needs your sweat equity. Because guess what? If we don't get your provisions, we can't pay the bills. And the bills have got to get paid come August. Someone has to pay them, and so this is the group that is going to have to pay them."

"Fight for this family. As we get ready to go to war come fall, we're going to get done what we get done to get back in return what we have invested, and I don't know about you all, but I like living it up in there where the Jones' are. Are you all with that?"

The clip closes out with chaplain Moore hang cleaning 390 pounds, and when you combine that feat with his way with words you can see why when he talks, the team listens.