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Video: Coaches hilariously attempt a #DizzyPunt

One of the most fun parts about the off season for us here at The Scoop is watching the creative team building activities that programs come up with.

For example, take this fun team building exercise at Dakota State (NAIA - SD) called the "Dizzy Punt". Here, they take two coaches (head coach Josh Anderson and defensive coordinator Cory Miller), have them spin around with their forehead on a golf club a dozen times, and then have them attempt a punt to see who can kick it the furthest.

Yeah, it's every bit as ugly as you'd imagine. The end result is two coaches on their back, two punts of less than five yards (on the first attempt at least), and the team laughing like a bunch of middle schools girls at a sleepover.'ve gotta love the slow-mo effects on full display here.

Rest easy, we're assured that the only thing hurt during this drill was a little bit of pride.