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Video: Do you want your quarterback doing this?


Watching Monday Night Football earlier this week, it seemed that whenever Carolina was in a third and short situation in need of a first down, Cam Newton got called on to get to move the sticks, more often than not, with his legs.

Now, granted, Cam is a unique player and a physical specimen of a quarterback, but he was still taking some major shots from linebackers, defensive lineman and charging safeties.

Last night, I came across this video of the Tampa Bay Bucs running a sweep. Watch Jameis Winston reverse pivot and toss the ball to his running back and then lead up through the hole where he ends up blocking the middle linebacker.

Two views of the play can be seen below.

Running is one thing because you always have the option of sliding and being protected, but blocking is a whole different story.

Now, Jameis is a big guy, but do you really want your franchise quarterback and #1 draft pick leading the way like this...on a middle linebacker?

Coaches, let us know your thoughts.