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Video: Eli Manning is getting his own show modeled after Peyton's

Peyton's Places on ESPN+ has been a well received hit in its two years on air.

The show brilliantly highlights Peyton's personality and has been nominated for a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Edited Sports Special. Episodes have interviews former players, coaches, and other key football figures about history of the game and the unique impact it has had on American culture

ESPN is looking to build on that by bringing in Eli Manning for what sounds like will be a college version of the show.

Both were college stars - Peyton at Tennessee and Eli at Ole Miss. Both were #1 overall picks (although Eli was traded from the Chargers to the Giants). Both threw for well over 50,000 yards during their respective NFL careers. Both also went on to win two Super Bowls. Now Eli is following in Peyton's footsteps again?

In their teaser video introducing the new angle, Eli shares:

"I am looking forward to the next College Football Season and going back to school to tell College Football's story on Eli's Places. Next fall on ESPN+."

Peyton's Places has been a lot of fun to watch with a great mix of humor, and football history. I'm looking forward to seeing Eli's version of college football's story.