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Video: Ellen surprises San Jose State coaches and players with $25,000

Back in April, San Jose State running backs coach Alonzo Carter's dance at practice went viral, and it was then that everyone learned that he was once a backup dancer of MC Hammer.

As part of her One Million Acts of Good with Cheerios, Ellen gathered Carter, head coach Brent Brennan and some players at midfield of the stadium and convinced them that they would be shooting a segment that would be aired later. But in true Ellen fashion, they were taken by surprise to learn that they were live.

Ellen asked coach Carter why he went into coaching, and he responded "Because I wanted to change lives. I wanted to go back to my community and give back and let college football give an opportunity to get an education."

When the microphone was placed in front on Brennan he talked about how he's known Carter for about two decades and how he's seen him change people's lives in the city of Oakland for years, and Brennan went on to share how great of a person and role model Carter is for the SJSU players. When Brennan got the job, he knew he wanted Carter's energy and passion around the program.

Coach Zo then shared a bit about his "Beyond Football" program that where they go out into the community and get involved in community service and a number of other projects involving children and youth.

That's when Ellen springs her biggest surprise, a check for $25,000 to Carter's Beyond Football program to help encourage them to continue to do good for others.