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Video: Relive the top 100 moments from 2017-18 as a reminder why we all love college football

Dating back to the 2013-14 season, YouTube user Harris Highlights has been putting together the top 100 plays from the college football season.

The account recently shared the 2017-18 version which includes all of the biggest plays, must crushing hits, mind-blowing catches, jaw-dropping turnovers, and all the other big moments that make college football so great.

You can probably guess what came in at number one (spoiler alert: backup quarterback in the national title game), but the entire top 5 is really impressive, and there's some really great plays throughout the clip.

Overall, it's a great refresher of the season (and the players and coaches) that was, and is a great reminder of everything we love about college football.

It also happens to be the perfect video to enjoy on your lunch break.