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Video: ESPN's new College Football Playoff promo


In case you haven't noticed, ESPN is basically subsidizing the entire college football industry. In addition to the millions upon millions the Worldwide Leader heaps upon every FBS conference, it is also paying $470 million a year for the right to broadcast the College Football Playoff for the next dozen years. With more than 450 games on its docket, and a combined 189 million people watching those 450 games, ESPN has launched the "Who's In?" campaign to raise awareness of its CFP coverage. The spot you see below is the first of more than 23 hours of footage ESPN shot. 

"We’re holding up a mirror to the college football fan and the broad spectrum of fans around the country," said ESPN senior vice president of marketing Aaron Taylor told the Wall Street Journal. "By shooting the fans of 128 different schools, you’re going to get a broad spectrum of people. It’s the America we live in today and we sought to represent that America."

See it here before you see it on ESPN 48,403,093 times.