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Video: Even for Mike Leach, this answer to a strange media question is wild

I've come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Mike Leach answering questions from the media, especially when those questions are off the beaten path.

But when a reporter asked about the weirdest animal he's seen walks around Pullman, Leach took about two minutes to respond and, in the process, shared a story about tracking a raccoon through the snow.

He was so enamored with the whereabouts of the raccoon that he ended up going about a half-mile out of his way.

Leach starts off the story with a casual, "I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to know where the raccoon lived." He tells the story as if he were dropping in to see one of his players or longtime Air Raid buddies.

Also - we can't pretend that this is the first time Leach has talked about raccoons affectionately, as he shared with The Players Tribune a story about having a raccoon as a pet.

Hear Leach tell the story below, and it's impossible to NOT imagine him creeping around someone's backyard tracking a raccoon through the snow. So entertaining.

Ever tracked a raccoon? Mike Leach has. An all-time tale from the #WSU coach.

— Theo Lawson (@TheoLawson_SR) April 11, 2018