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Video: Every time an NFL coordinator dialed up a fat-guy touchdown since 2011

Few things are more exciting and entertaining than seeing a big fella scoring a touchdown on game days. There's just something special about seeing a man weighing 300+ pounds cross the goal line with the ball in his hands and the pure joy in his eyes.

Sometimes those touchdowns are pure serendipity, while other times a coordinator has dialed up the play call for the perfect moment and it pays off. As coaches, we're always looking for that new wrinkle, and every once in a while you've got a kid on your line that has some special skills.

That's what brings me to this very special video.

Here is a minute-and-a-half of NFL offensive lineman scoring on a dialed up play call from their coordinator - who clearly has as much faith in them catching the rock and scoring as they calling a play that should hit behind them on fourth-and-short.

(Bonus points for dialing one of these up during the 2019 season.)