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Video: Experience a day in the life of training camp with an Iowa State assistant on each side of the ball

Iowa State stuck some cameras with defensive line coach Eli Rasheed and running backs coach Lou Ayeni for a day to get a feel for what the life of an FBS assistant looks like during training camp.

Each clip lasts a little over two minutes, so while the look may not be really in depth, it gives a solid peek at the life of an FBS assistant during the grind of camp.

Coach Lou gets his days during camp started with a 6am workout, followed by some time in his office before a 7am offensive staff meeting. After that it's out to the field, followed by position meetings.

Coach Rasheed rolls into the facility just before 7am and sits down in his office to take in some film and get some other things done at his desk before the defensive staff meets at 7:45am. From there it's out to the field and then meeting with his defensive lineman afterwards.

Although the clips wrap up with their positional meeting at about 3pm, that's certainly not the end of their day as the new Cyclones staff prepares for the Big 12 slate.

Check out each of the videos below for more.

DL coach Eli Rasheed

RBs coach Lou Ayeni