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Video: A five-lateral play that would have won the game has an ending you never saw coming

On Friday Night, Lima Senior HS (OH) kicked the ball off to St. Francis de Sales HS (OH) holding onto a 1-point lead with just three seconds left. All they had to do was cover on the kick return, get the guy with the ball in his hands on the ground, and they'd escape with a win.

Of course, St. Francis de Sales had a different plan, and it unfolded almost perfectly as one lateral backwards turned into two, and then three, and then four...and on the fifth one the Lima Senior player had some open field to work with. That's when you think to yourself that you just saw a miracle unfold...

But a great second effort and perfect angle from the kicker spoiled those plans.

Take a look at how it unfolded yourself in the clip. Unreal effort by the kicker to keep that last returner out of the end zone.

CRAZIEST PLAY OF THE NIGHT! Kicker saves the day for @LimaSeniorHS after numerous laterals.

— The Cube (@TheCubeDotCom) October 7, 2017