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Video: Follow Adam Schefter through a day of NFL reporting

The MMQB followed Adam Schefter around on the first day of the NFL's free agency period for a piece that publishes tomorrow. Today, though, they've given us this short video, a snippet of what it's like to be the primary news-breaker in America's favorite sport on one of the newsiest days of that sport's year.

As an aside: We would be totally happy to have a camera crew follow us around for a day in December, but be forewarned -- we don't walk around near as much as Schefter does.

PREVIEW: A day in the life of @AdamSchefter, on the biggest day of his year, the opening day of free agency. Full story debuts tomorrow:

— The MMQB (@theMMQB) March 22, 2017

In advance of the piece, now's a good time to review how Schefter gets his scoops from this 2014 Washington Post profile: through the old-fashioned barter system.

"I think you maybe have another suspension coming down the pike," Schefter told him. "I don't think it's today, but I think it's coming here before the preseason's over. . . . Oh, you weren't aware of that? . . . I think Donald Stephenson. Does that surprise you? I don't know that for a fact, but I had somebody text me and say, 'Hey, be on the lookout for Donald Stephenson.' So, I'm giving you a heads-up in advance. If it starts percolating and you give me a heads-up back, that'd be great."

Four days later when the info was more solid, Schefter reported to the rest of the world that the Chiefs offensive lineman had been suspended for the first four games of the season.

"The reason people talk to you — I'm not stupid — they believe that you're going to be informed," Schefter said, "and you're going to bring something to the table for them . . . I can't stand calling somebody and just being, like, 'Hey, what's going on? Anything new?' You can't be a taker. You've got to be a giver."