Arizona has done an unbelievable job of marketing their program over the last few years with high quality videos. This one, where they define “Our Kind of Guys”, is no different.

Appropriately released the day after national signing day, here Arizona describes the type of guys that they look for, and get really specific in the process. In fact, they’re so specific that they might as well send this clip to every kid they recruit from here on out and tell them that if they can’t say yes to all the things listed in the video, then they aren’t really the OKGs they’re looking for.

Here’s how Rich Rod and his staff describe “Our Kind of Guys”.

“Our kind of guy has to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Life isn’t perfect, it’s not fair, and it’s not pretty. How you react when nothing is going your way, and when everyone has written you off…that’s what defines you.”

“OKGs aren’t born, they’re made. They’re made by their drive, their intensity, and their commitment. The don’t need a cute slogan on a shirt. The have it molded inside of them.”

Those two definitions are just in the first minute or so of the clip, by the end of the three-minute clip, you’ll be sitting there wondering if you fit the OKG mold.

It’s hard to watch this without wondering; What defines the kind of guys you want in your program?

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