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Video: Former LSU tigers say geaux vote

Yesterday, exactly one week away from election day, the LSU athletic department tweeted this video encouraging people to vote. The video features former notable tiger student-athletes, who explain why voting is important to them:

LSU is not the only university that has publicly encouraged players, students and fans to go vote. LSU's rival Alabama, has held many events to support players voting efforts, including multiple different voter registration events.

Following the murder of George Floyd this summer, college programs across the country have been more actively involved in helping student-athletes not only register to vote but also to understand the power of the vote and what's at stake. Since then, the list of schools involved in helping their student-athletes become involved with voting has continued to grow.

Earlier this fall, the NCAA made election day a mandatory off day for all student athletes. This off day applies not only for this November but the coming years as well.

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