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Video: Get the full 360 degree experience of taking Autzen field as an Oregon Duck


Hop on your mobile device and view the video below because Oregon is providing everyone the opportunity to experience taking Autzen field as a player. Watching the video from your desk top is cool, but the mobile experience is where it's at for this one.

The Ducks have come up with the ultimate fan / recruit experience here. Tilt your phone down, and the camera looks down as if you're in the helmet, turn it right, and you actually look right. You really get the full 360 degree experience of taking the field as an Oregon Duck in this video.

Now all you need to do is hook your phone up to some surround sound and crank it all the way up to get the full effect of taking Autzen on game day in the fall.

Thank you Oregon for always being on the cutting edge because this is awesome