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Video: Go inside a recruiting meeting at Miami

Miami v Georgia Tech

The off season is always filled with hype video, and season ticket promotions, but up until this point, nobody has provided access behind closed doors quite like Miami does in this video.

Here, Miami takes you inside one of their recruiting meeting where the staff is evaluating a safety prospect. Each coach goes down the line and critiques the kid while also talking about what they like about his skill set while offering their opinion on whether they're someone the Hurricanes should offer or not. The assistant touch on everything from technique, to football IQ, to how well the kid is coached by his high school staff.

Things get a little heated towards the end, but no one is sold on the kid more than defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio who knows first hand how hard instinctual safeties are to come by.

"I've been doing this for too long. Everyone wants to make safety a dumping ground. 'I'm not sure he can play wide out, but he can play safety, or I'm not sure he can play corner, but he can play safety.'"

"Everyone wants to make it a dumping ground, but if you've never seen the kid play safety, safety is a different deal. Watch this kid play safety. The best safeties I've ever had played safety in high school and their tape is good in high school and their tape is good in college."

A lot of programs advertise "All-Access," but this is the real deal.