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Video: Go inside Nebraska's brand new athletic performance lab


Nebraska head strength coach Mark Philipp had a pretty good idea of what was going into Nebraska's new athletic performance lab, but once he actually stepped foot in the lab and saw all the technology at his disposal, he was blown away.

"When we first walked in here, me and Timothy Rabas - my associate head coach - we were just in awe of what was up here." Philipp explained.

"You talk about force plates and things that you see on the Sports Science channel and how they test people. We wanted to bring our team up here and put it to the test and see how we can better make the program."

After bringing the team up for their first testing session recently, the new technology proved to be valuable beyond measure, according to assistant athletic director Boyd Epley.

"We're learning things that we've never seen before with football, and hopefully we'll be able to turn that into something that helps us on the field."

This kind of technology is the direction that the strength field is heading, so get on board - or risk being left behind.

See more on Nebraska's newest lab and the toys (AKA technology) for the strength staff below.