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Video: Go inside Penn State's special teams at training camp


Here's a good look inside of Penn State's fall camp special teams preparations with running backs coach / special teams coordinator Charles Huff.

"Let your effort correct your mistakes." he tells the team during a special teams meeting. "It's not personal if you're not on there tomorrow, okay? I like to win."

About 45 seconds into the clip, Huff gets philosophical on the importance of the special teams unit.

"When you're talking about special teams, you're talking about the biggest change of field position at a time. It controls, what we call here the 'hidden yardage', or the yardage when you turn over a punt on the -20 or when you start the defense inside of their own 10.

"That's why we put so much importance on the little things because this is the hidden yardage."

One of the things that I noticed when watching the video is that Huff has the kick / punt returners wear boxing gloves while catching simulated kicks from the JUGS machine, forcing them to get in position with their feet and body to catch the punt properly. It also makes sure that they're fielding the punt with their elbows pinned to their sides instead of reaching for it with their hands.

Then, towards the end of the video, one returner nearly manages catching a punt with four balls already in his arms, and coach Huff enthusiastically voices his disappointment. Looks like a lot of fun.