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Video: Gone too soon, Louisiana shares tribute to offensive line coach DJ Looney

Just three days ago now, ULL offensive line coach DJ Looney suffered a heart attack and passed away during a practice. He was just 31 years old.

Stories and tributes to coach Looney have been circulating over social media in the days since then as friends, fans, coaching buddies, and former teammates struggled to come to grips of a life taken too soon.

Today, Louisiana Lafayette released a short tribute video of coach Looney and some memorable moments from his life coaching and playing the game he loved so much. Whether you knew coach Looney or not, you can tell from this video that he was a man who loved life, had a ton of energy and enthusiasm, and his light shone bright during his time among us.

Whether you had the opportunity to get to know him or not, fair warning - this video is likely going to hit you harder than you thought (which is fitting for an offensive line coach).