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Video: Graham Harrell explains USC's new offense

New Trojan offensive coordinator Graham Harrell explains how he views the Air Raid and offers some insight into his version in the video below.

Plenty of good stuff in the video; but these two quotes seemed of interest:

"The Air Raid originally was tagged as, you know, Coach Leach because he never runs the football so its the Air Raid so you're attacking everyone through the air; but I don't think the Air Raid is a specific Xs & Os or an offense where you have to always throw it. It's just a philosophy of what we do. It's a philosophy of being simple, of having an identity, putting players in a position to be successful and letting them go. It's an execution based philosophy."

"We try to take the thinking out of it for the players and I think that's really important. As a player if you're overthinking things or something is unclear to you you can see it in speed of play. They are playing slow or hesitating. We're going to try to take all hesitation out of the players, let them free, let them use their abilities. They're at SC for a reason. They're obviously very talented players and so we're going to let them use their talents, put them in a position to be successful and let 'em go."

Hit the 3 minute mark of the video to hear Harrell explain what will get you beat....

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