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Video: 'Great teams require great accountability'

For Steve Addazio, having a successful team comes down to instilling in his guys a few very vital factors. A few weeks back he touched on how toughness (both mental and physical) plays a factor, and he demonstrated that during his time at Temple, but Addazio notes in this video that accountability is equally as important for great teams.

"Accountability is ultimately the biggest thing that drives people." Addazio explains. "We try to train that within our program. Ultimately, that's what we're here for."

"To win, you've got to be able to rely on the guy next to you. It's a team sport. Football is a team sport. That's why there are a lot of great players out there, but there aren't a lot of great teams, because great teams require great accountability."

More quality stuff from Addazio below. I really enjoy hearing coaches talk about the traits that they feel build a great program, so a tip of the cap to Boston College for this series.