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Video: A head coach jumps into a team workout without any warm ups and his performance blows team away

Among the FBS head coaching ranks there are a few guys that have been known to slide into a workout and turn heads. The first that comes to mind is Louisiana-Lafayette's Mark Hudspeth who seems to go on camera every year throwing some serious weight around on the bench, like earlier this year when he challenged a strength coach to a bench-off.

The FCS head coaching ranks may have found their challenger in Central Arkansas head coach Steve Campbell, who slid under 225 pounds with no warm up and pumped out 15 reps. That's impressive at any age, but even more so when you consider that Campbell is 51.

Coach Campbell is putting Hud (who is 48 years old) on notice here!

Check out the impressive showing below. The team went nuts when that weight hit the rack.