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Video: To help their offensive line Perfect Their Craft, Old Dominion is having them train MMA style

Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of this video from Old Dominion entitled "Perfect Your Craft" featuring their offensive line.

The workout features the offensive line working out together but doing an Muay Thai style workout. The approach features lots of work with punching bags, with a concentration on active hands and feet while doing things that can transition to the football field - get guys light on their feet and able to deliver powerful blows with their hand or hands.

Over the years, more and more offensive line coaches have gravitated to out-of-the-box training methods like MMA training and even yoga (to help with flexibility, especially in the hips) during the off season to keep things fresh and exciting for the big fellas, while still getting some quality work in. This is a great sub-minute look at one of those alternative approaches that coaches are using to keep guys engaged.