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Video: Here's how Baylor starts every practice with their signature tempo


For the past six or seven years, players at Baylor have approached the hill leading up to the practice field in a very particular way: once their feet go from the cement to the grass, they hit a whole new gear and the tempo is set right off the bat.

"The hill is saying this; when your feet touch the grass, whatever happened to you prior to arriving at practice, you need to go ahead and park that." head of athletic performance Kaz Kazadi explained.

"Physically, it's a display of 'I'm here, I'm ready to perform, and I'm ready to practice and my mind is on what we need to do these next few hours.'"

Even coach Briles has totally bought into the approach, holding himself to the same standard before practice everyday.

This is something that you could easily do at your program to set the proper tone before practice even starts.