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VIDEO: Here's the Art Briles interview from College GameDay

Art Briles sat down for an interview with ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, the first five minutes of which aired Saturday morning on College GameDay.

The portion we saw today was, sadly, about what you'd expect. Briles uses victims as a cover to talk specifically about what happened, and the idea that a player can be a threat to campus safety and a valuable member of his football team at the same time still seems lost on him. The only time he shows true emotion is when Rinaldi asks Briles what the rape scandal has cost him personally.

After saying just last month he's always lived his life in a righteous manner -- Briles stopped short of saying that phrase again in Saturday's interview -- and that's never done anything immoral or unethical in his life, the Rinaldi sit down came across as engineered.

ESPN will air more of the interview on Monday's Outside the Lines. Until then, here's what we have.