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Video: Here's an idea to show your big fellas some love and spice up practices

While spring ball is a great time to dial things back a bit for coaches and figure some things out about the team you're going to have in the fall, all the work that players are asked to put in without the typical payoff of a game to play at the end of each week.

To keep players fully invested and engaged, sometimes throwing a curve ball during spring practice is a nice idea.

That's likely what Chad Lunsofrd had in mind when he decided to line up his offensive line against his defensive line in a 7-on-7 period.

Here's a quick clip of the big fellas making a pretty impressive play in that session.

‼OL vs DL - 7 on 7‼@BassTylerBass@KRJ_58#SCTop10 ||

— #GATALifestyle (@GATALifestyle) April 10, 2018