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Video: High school games ends in dramatic 9-lateral and fumble picked up for a win!

An Alabama high school game ended in a way that makes the iconic Cal vs. Stanford lateral game where Cal's player ran through the Cardinal band on the field for the win seem tame.

With 2.9 seconds left, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa HS was down 28-30 and on their own 41-yard line needing a miracle to beat Wetumpka.

What unfolded was epic. After a pass in the flats to the running back, the play was kept alive with 9-laterals before the ball was fumbled onto the ground. A few Wetumpka players had the chance to hop on it and secure the win...but the ball squirted out and a Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa player picked it up, stumbled backward for a step or two, and then took off for the end zone with everyone else acting like the game was over.

But it wasn't. That scamper to the end zone with no time on the clock ended up being the game winning touchdown.

Watch this one unfold in the clip, and hear the dramatic play by play below as well.