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Video: High school kicker hits a 70 yard field goal

Oklahoma commit Austin Seibert has a boot.

The Belleville HS (IL) product lined up a 70-yard field goal during pregame last week and nailed the attempt. Well, actually he hit the cross bar and bounced it in, but it would have counted for three points nonetheless.

The NFL record for the longest field goal during a game is 64 yards, set by Denver kicker Matt Prater on December 8th last year. The NCAA record is 67 yards held by three kickers Russell Erxleben (Texas), Steve Little (Arkansas) and Joe Williams (Wichita State University).

Granted, the circumstances during pregame are a little different without a rush and any sort of pressure, but it's still impressive as hell.

No matter how many times you see it, it's really strange to see a field goal attempted from the other side of the 50.