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Video: A high school in the heart of SEC Country takes you on a MTV Cribs style tour of their facilities

Petal HS has an enrollment of about 1,250 students, and lies deep in the heart of SEC Country just outside of Hattiesburg.

We've seen the trickle down of the facilities arms race from college to high school ball, with a number of programs in Texas adding multi-million dollar stadiums like the $70 million, 12,000 square foot facility we wrote about earlier this week.

While Petal's facilities certainly don't carry that type of price tag, they've got a lot of things at their disposal that a lot of high school (and even some college) coaches will be jealous of, including offensive and defensive meeting rooms, a field house, an impressive weight room set up with two 80-inch TVs, and a really nice locker room and a giant stadium.

Join a few players as they lead you on a MTV Cribs style tour of their facility and all they have to offer student athletes at Petal HS.