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Video: High school team surprises teammate with feel good moment

Every once in a while, a moment is captured within a high school team that gives you chills and helps to puts things in perspective.

Recently, one of those moments happened at Boaz HS (AL). A player that rode his bike to practice everyday was dealt a tough hand when that bike broke down on him to the point that it could not be repaired. Without the bike, the kid was walking a few miles to practice every day and wasn't sure how long he'd be able to keep doing that.

That kid's teammates banded together, and they took up a collection to get him a new bike. Coaches explain in the video that they weren't involved. It was all done by the team.

"They took their money and put it together to get that for you," a coach explained as he presented the bike. "Because they love you, and because you're a part of our team."

"If anyone ever asks you, 'I can't believe you all are playing football in this!' This is why you play football. You've got a bunch of kids that don't even really know you, but because you're on their team, they love you, and they want to take care of you. That's the great part about being a team."

See the full video below.