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Video: Holgorsen the early leader for post game presser of the year following dramatic loss

At one point last night, Dana Holgorsen's Houston team was up 21 points on Tulane. But a dramatic finish by Willie Fritz's squad made the Thursday night match up one that people will be talking about for a long time.

With 14 seconds left and the game tied, Fritz's team looked to be taking a knee, happy to send the game into overtime.

...but if you believe that, you don't know Fritz that well.

Instead of taking a knee, the Green Wave pulled off the fake kneel trick play for a huge chunk of yardage.

That set them up in a great position to take a shot with 12 seconds remaining in the game. The quarterback stepped up in the pocket and let it fly to a receiver at about the 25, two Houston players collided with each other while trying to make the tackle, and the Tulane receiver outran another Cougar defensive back to score the 53-yard walk off winner in dramatic fashion.

After the game, Holgorsen's comments were brief, passionate and to the point. His closing comments, along with the ending of the game, left the media in attendance speechless...without any further questions to ask.

"Looking at the stats, we're better than them in every statistical category...obviously except for the score."

"I have never seen an ending like that in my life. I've been coaching for 25 years and I've never seen it."

"You can talk about struggles all you want to. We had 532 yards, we snapped the ball a lot, our third-down percentage was 50%...which is really good. Our punt team was really good, and we didn't punt that much. We didn't turn the ball over...well we did once."

"You can say we played bad. That's fine. You can say I coached bad. That's fine. You can say I didn't have any halftime adjustments. That's fine. You can say I didn't have them ready to go. That's fine too. I don't care. That's all good."

"Comes down to the end where we had a chance to score and win, and we didn't. Then it's completely unacceptable on every single level to let them go 70 yards in 14 seconds. I don't know what to say. I have got to do a better job of getting our guys ready to play. I will assume the responsibility of not having enough in the tank to finish this game when we had an opportunity to be able to finish it."

"Any more questions? I think I answered about five of them right there," Holgo shared as he walked off the podium.

See that full moment below.