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Video: How Michigan is scoring recruits using virtual reality


Programs around the country are using virtual reality in their meeting rooms to help players learn. Well in Ann Arbor, they're using the technology to help them land recruits.

The 30-second video, tweeted out by the Michigan Athletics Twitter account, opens up by saying "For the first time in collegiate athletics...virtual reality will be used for recruiting," before assistant coach Jay Harbaugh gives a brief synopsis on how they're utilizing the technology.

"It's immersive and really captures the emotion, where you didn't feel as much like a spectator. So to be that program, and that university that is setting the bar high, is something that is exciting for everybody."

Once a recruit puts the goggles on, he gets a glimpse at his future at Michigan whether it's coming out of the tunnel, or putting on the jersey the experience might be a game changer in recruiting...and Michigan is leading the charge.

Check out the video below to see more on the experience.