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Video: How to sell your entire program in 15 minutes

We received a submission for the FootballScoop Video of the Year contest - which is open now and runs through June 27! - from Luther College that we felt was worthy of sharing with the class.

Located in the northeastern corner of Iowa, Luther College has 2,500 students and plays Division III football. The Norse (absolutely fantastic nickname, by the way) can't pitch players on furthering their football careers, but they can sell their ability to further their players' education and their personal development. As such, they've created a 15-minute video selling the nuts-and-bolts of their entire football program and university experience from top to bottom.

It's not flashy, it's not exciting, and I wouldn't even describe it as fun to watch. But it is wholly effective. Luther College lays everything on the table, and for a certain player looking to get a quality education while also looking to continue the football dream for as long as possible, this is a video that will find some eager eyeballs.