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Video: "If we don't have 100% customer satisfaction, then we haven't achieved our goal"


The foundation of any good company is quality people, and we consistently hear from coaches, as well as their clients, that there is no better place that exemplifies that philosophy than the people at ProGrass. Over the past several years, ProGrass has partnered with FootballScoop to present the annual Coach of the Year Awards and during that time we have learned that their product, and the people that make the day-to-day operations run, are simply some of the best in the business.

"We pride ourselves on being a custom solution finder for the owners, being able to design, develop, install, and maintain over the life of the warranty a product, and a philosophy that makes people feel comfortable, and more importantly, feel that they're getting their value."

"If we don't have 100% customer satisfaction, then we haven't achieved our goal." Robert W. Thomas, the President of ProGrass explains in the company's new promotional clip.

ProGrass has planted their flags across America in nearly every state at a number of high schools and colleges across America, including 69 in Michigan, 47 in Florida, 54 in Ohio, 41 in both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, 22 in Arkansas, 15 in Alabama, and even one in Alaska.

Learn more about ProGrass, their industry leading product, and the people in the clip below.

ProGrass Corporate Video from Rocky Rhino on Vimeo.