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Video: Indiana State pulls out the hidden ball trick play on vital kick return

Down 18-17 with less than a minute left to play, Indiana State head coach Mike Sanford and special teams coordinator Jami DeBerry dialed up the old hidden ball trick play, hoping it would provide them the spark and field position needed to get at least a field goal.

After fielding the kick, six guys huddled around the ball and broke out with their best "I have the ball" impression. It worked to near perfection (with the help of a broken tackle), leading to a big return and handing control of the ball to the offense at about the 38 yard line.

The trick play return set up the eventual game winning field goal to give Indiana State the 20-18 win, marking the sixth win of their season.

Sanford went 1-11 in his first season, and is off to a hot 6-3 start this year. Glad to see him and his staff have the program headed in the right direction.