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Video: Inside Brian Kelly's first team meeting at LSU

In Brian Kelly's first team meeting at LSU, he lays out the three reasons he took the job in Baton Rouge.

Brian Kelly will take the podium for his first press conference at LSU later today, but this morning LSU's football account shared a snippet of his first meeting with the team shortly after arriving on campus.

In the clip, Kelly shares with the team why he ultimately took the LSU job.

"Look, let me tell you why I am here," Kelly opens by saying before getting into the three reasons he took the Tigers head coaching job."

"I'm here because I wanted to coach the very best players in the country, that are afforded the best resources in the country, and play in the best conference country."

"That is an incredible challenge for a football coach, and I get that here and I get a chance to work with the best athletic director and president, who are all in alignment to get to the end of winning a national championship."

Kelly also shared his "Why" for coaching with the team.

"My 'Why' is I love developing football players, student athletes, you guys. When I talk about developing you, I'm talking about physically, technically, tactically, and mentally. In all facets. Player development is what drives me."

"So that is why I'm here. I get a chance to coach LSU football players, the very best in the country, that have the best resources, that have an administration that is aligned to that end."

"Why wouldn't I be here!?"

Catch the full clip below.