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Video: Inside the Clemson equipment room and the pride behind their helmet design


As the call for new helmets and uniforms from fan bases and recruits has grown louder and louder over the years, for nearly every program in the country, one ACC school has proudly maintained their look with little to no changes.

And at Clemson, when it comes to their helmets, they have no desire to change.

Here, Clemson assistant football equipment manager DJ Gordon provides a nice look inside of the equipment room, how the prepare the helmets, and the immense pride that they have in their lids.

"We know that our helmets look as good as they could possibly look, and our fans appreciate that." Gordon explains.

"The Clemson fan base is so proud of this helmet, and that's one of the reasons that I think this helmet will never change, because they're so proud of what this thing looks like and what it represents, and the brand that is Clemson football."