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Video: Inside "The Grind" winter workouts at Georgia


Georgia's "The Grind" opens up with two simple questions, with a legendary Muhammad Ali quote as the backdrop where he talks about the grind before performing under the lights.

"Do you want to achieve greatness?" And "are your ready for that?" the narrator asks.

Then the clip picks up the pace, and is highlighted by a great talk from Mark Hocke, Georgia's director of strength and conditioning.

"Hey, remind yourself. Pound on that "G" if you want to be great." Hocke reminds the team. "Hit that thing once or twice. Remind yourself, remind your brother too. Let them know. You see them bending over, let them know what it takes."

"Look at 'em. Pound on that thing, and he's going to know what it means...that's what we ask, nothing less. We're trying to be great."

There's a reason the iconic Georgia "G" is on the chest, and Hocke's explanation why is simply awesome.

This one seriously has all the inspiration you need to attack the day.