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Video: Inside the Ole Miss locker room after their win over Texas A&M

The environment inside of the Ole Miss locker room after beating Texas A&M can only be described one way; business as usual.

That seemed to be the approach that Hugh Freeze and his guys had, because they stepped into the home of The 12th Man with every intention of walking out of there with a win, and did exactly that when it was all said and done.

"Congratulations men. You came into a hostile environment, but let me tell you...I couldn't hear a thing there at the end."

"Everybody kept asking all week, 'How you going to get them back?' But that was never a concern. They don't understand where we are and what our mindset is."

Then he left his guys with one simple reminder as the players prepared for the media frenzy.

"Congratulations to you. Be humble in victory. Compliment them, compliment your teammates, enjoy the victory, and let's go take this flight back home."

This team expects to win every game, and they're proving that they're more than capable of that. Something special may be brewing in "The 'Sip".