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Video: Inside Luke Fickell's first team meeting at Cincinnati and their 6am "attention training" in the snow

Over the weekend, Cincinnati released a series of videos taking viewers inside the new era of Bearcat football under Luke Fickell and his staff in under a minute each.

In his first team meeting with the players back from Christmas break, Fickell told his guys that he hopes they have some butterflies in their stomachs.

"I hope that you have some butterflys. I hope that you have some axiety about what we're doing about what the hell is going on, because I know that I do. This is a new era, a new time, with new leadership."

Before dismissing players from that first team meeting, Fickell asked his guys to have "blind faith."

From his time under Urban Meyer, Fickell brought with him the idea that players have to earn the right to wear the logo and gear. So he told players for their first workout that they're going to have to earn the "C" and that they wouldn't be allowed to wear Cincinnati gear until they've earned it.

One of the clips takes you inside what Fickell and his staff have coined "Attention Training," which is a 6am workout outside in the snow that forces the players to focus on details during a strenuous workout.