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Video: Inside Mike Leach's first team meeting at Mississippi State

It's always fascinating to be able to be a fly on the wall during a newly named head coach's first day on campus, or their first time taking in the facility, or during his first team meeting.

When Mike Leach was officially named head coach at Mississippi State, it was impossible to not get excited about his arrival in Starkville and how cameras were going to document it.

Washington State recently released a quick clip of Leach addressing his new team for the first time, and he touches on how things are going to change with him in town.

"We're going to do some things here that are different than what other teams do, and we are very proud of that because we expect our results to be different than the other guys."

"I don't think anybody came to play Division I football at a great university like this, just to be the other guy down the road. I think everybody came here to distinguish ourselves, and to develop, and to be something better than they were when they got here."

See more from Leach in the clip.