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Hugh Freeze's shares an inspiring message to his team: "Your gift to this world is..."

Earlier this morning, Hugh Freeze tweeted out a video of him sharing a really good message with his team.

Freeze begins by talking a bit about Jon Gordon's best-selling book The Energy Bus (which I highly recommend)and uses that to launch into a message about negative emotion, and what their gift is to this world.

"You know what your gift is to this world? Your gift is not your resume, it is not your good looks, it is not your accomplishments. That is not your gift to this world," Freeze explains.

"Your gift to this world is what you do in giving others a great feeling because they've been around you and they've felt your emotion and they felt your heart, and you have given them something that is lasting."

"Your gift is not that you won so many games, or threw for so many yards, or had so many tackles, all of that stuff will be forgotten. What won't be forgotten is the presence that you've had in somebody's life. That will not be forgotten."

Hear Freeze's full message to his guys below.

How will you do the next right thing today?

— Hugh Freeze (@CoachHughFreeze) November 18, 2016