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Video: Inside the philosophy of Chad Morris' strength staff at SMU


Chad Morris has a clear vision as he leads his first ever major college football program, and so too does his director of strength and conditioning Trumain Carroll.

The major difference between the two is that Carroll's has absolutely nothing to do with what ends up in the win-loss column.

"Our goal for the SMU strength and conditioning department, and our football team, is to change the mentality."

"I can't sit up here and demand wins and losses because I'm not a ball coach - but I am a strength and conditioning coach - and I can guarantee that when we prepare these guys to play football in the fall, they're going to take the field with a new mentality, a new passion, a new energy, a new belief that they can do anything that they put their minds to."

Carroll compares his staff's important work with the team with the foundation of a house to start the clip.

"The first thing that is laid on a building is the foundation. If that foundation isn't sound or sturdy, than anything that you build on top of that foundation will not sustain, therefore the foundation is the most crucial part of the building," Carroll explains.

Hear more on the SMU weight room philosophy being instilled by Carroll and his strength staff in the clip below.