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Video: Introducing The Snack Belt for practice

The push for college football teams to hire full-time nutritionists and the NCAA rule change to allow programs to provide unlimited food and snacks for players that preceded that has been fully embraced nearly universally across major college football.

But while counting and providing calories and macronutrients for snacks and meals before and after workouts is now commonplace, Penn State is going above and beyond with their latest invention.

Presenting Penn State's Snack Belt - which looks to be pretty much some camo hunting gear stocked to the gills with different snacks like Gatorade chews, the HoneyStinger waffles, stuff for electrolytes and hydrating and lots of other little goodies for refueling quickly during practice.

Penn State's fuel station manager also adds that she's got boxes of goodies you can see players digging into during the clip as well with some other good stuff.

I don't know about you, but if I'm a college prospect (especially an offensive / defensive lineman) and I've got coaches in my living room talking about getting snacks provided at practice, my recruiting process is a wrap.

Excellent idea here, and now it's only a matter of time before a major apparel provider starts to makes their own branded Snack Belt. Right?