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VIDEO: Jameis Winston gives Rick Trickett the best praise an O-line coach can receive

Florida State trailed Ole Miss 28-13 at halftime on Monday night. The Seminoles won the game, 45-34.

In between their 28-13 deficit and their 32-6 romp, Jameis Winston spoke to the team. Or, more specifically, he spoke to the 'Noles offensive line. Winston's indirect praise of Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett is both hilarious and career-affirming.

"Receivers, y'all can not be stopped the whole game. We got the best running back in the whole damn league! And we got a quarterback that's gonna toss that thing," Winston shouts. "O-line: wake up.... Y'all got the hardest coach. Coach Trickett get in your ass, I know a'int nobody from Mississippi get in your ass like Coach Trickett. Hell no. He get in my ass and I play quarterback."

After gaining 221 yards on 44 plays (5.03 a pop) in the first half, Florida State gained 382 yards on 55 yards (6.95 a snap) in the second half. They were not stopped until sitting on the ball for the game's final 2:39.

This was not a coincidence.