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Video: James Franklin shares why he doesn't want to coach in the NFL to the parents of recruits

After two straight 7-6 seasons, Penn State head coach James Franklin has rattled off an impressive 22 wins and a Big Ten title to go with just five losses in his last two seasons in Happy Valley.

That type of success in the rugged Big Ten leads to interest from NFL organizations looking to go in a new direction with a head coaching change. But as guys that have coached at both levels will tell you, the NFL is much more of a business, while the college level gives coaches the opportunity to build deeper, more personal relationships.

In a video that was recently dug up by Charles A. Wallace, that's the sentiment that Franklin shared while talking to the parents of recruits during an event last summer.

"My wife and kids are everything to me. The coaches on the staff are my family. This is not business. This is personal to me," Franklin shares before a long, emotional pause.

"Your kids' success is personal to me. Making sure they leave here as educated men and prepared for life, and also play great football. That's why we're gonna be successful here, because it's not business for us."

"If it was just business, if it was just winning games, I'd go coach in the NFL. We're in this. The group of men that are here with me, the coaches and their wives, and their kids, we're in it for the right reasons. Using the game of football to make a difference in people's lives, and make a difference in society."

Franklin goes on to essentially promise players and their families that regardless of where they end up committing to, they won't find a staff that will care more about their son's and their development than his Nittany Lion staff.

Hear Franklin's full comments below.